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  1. Overview

The Assessing Office is responsible for the valuation of all real and personal property located in the Town of Brunswick.  Our office maintains tax records on over 9,000 real estate accounts, 1,000 personal property accounts, and 103 tax maps.  All property is subject to taxation unless exempted by law or subject to another form of taxation, such as excise tax.  Some of our annual responsibilities include: updating property records with changes in property characteristics, tracking ownership changes, updating tax maps, administering property tax relief programs, and analyzing sales prices, construction costs, and income and expense data to estimate market values.

In this office you can also find access to property deeds, property surveys, and street addressing and naming information.  

We are located on the second floor of Town Hall and open to the public: 

  • Monday-Wednesday 8:30AM-4:30PM
  • Thursday 8:30AM-6:00PM
  • Friday 8:30AM-3:00PM
  1. Property Records
  • Real Estate Property Cards:
    • Access the information the Assessing Office has on file for your property.  It is highly encouraged that you review this information annually and promptly notify us of any discrepancies.  You can schedule a site visit with our in-house appraisal staff by calling our office.
  • Web GIS & Tax Maps:
    • View your parcel boundaries and map layers such as: zoning, wetlands, voting districts, utilities, and more.
  • Property Deeds
    • Search the Cumberland County Registry of Deeds database to access all recorded legal documents affecting real estate.  You can search deeds by name, book & page, or date recorded, all of which can be found on the property record cards.  Examples of other documents you can find here are: land surveys, subdivision plans, liens, and land easements.  Additionally, the registry offers a free property fraud alert where you can receive an email notification when a document is filed with your name on it.
  • Mobile Home Owners
    • Please promptly notify the Assessing Office if you move, exchange, or sell a mobile home.  We are not automatically notified of these exchanges as we are with other real estate.  Documentation, such as a bill of sale, can be submitted to our office and should include the seller's name, buyer's name, location and description of the unit, date of sale, sale price, and mailing address where the buyer will receive the tax bill.
    • Apply for a State of Maine title (for units 1995 model year or newer).  Applications for a title can be obtained at Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicle branch offices, or by contacting the Title Unit in Augusta at (207) 624-9000 x 52138 or
  • Real Estate Transfer Forms
    • The Property Tax Division of Maine Revenue Services offers an online lookup service that allows the public to search for Maine real estate sales as reported on filed Real Estate Transfer Tax Declarations (RETTDs).  There are no fees to use this service.
    • 2023 Sales
    • 2022 Sales
  • Property Tax Bills
    • View your current and past property tax amounts and make property tax payments.  Real estate and personal property tax bills may be paid by check through the mail, by cash, check, or credit card in person, or by credit card online.  Credit card payments are made through Maine Payport, a third-party provider, and will incur additional fees.  Access the online payment service.  Questions regarding payments, interest, and tax liens should be directed to the Brunswick Finance Department, Tax Collection Division, in person at 85 Union Street, or by phone at 207-725-6657, during Town Hall hours.
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