Capital Improvement Program

Article VI, Section 601 of the Charter of the Town of Brunswick requires the Town Manager to prepare a five-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP), to be submitted at the same time the annual budget is submitted. It is also referred to as a Capital Improvement Plan. In February 2013, the Town Council adopted a CIP policy (PDF) intended to guide the development of the CIP document and its integration with the annual budget.

The CIP includes a list of all capital improvements proposed over the next five fiscal years. It also includes cost estimates, methods of financing, and recommended time schedules for each such improvement. Finally, the CIP includes the estimated annual cost of operating and maintaining the facilities to be constructed and acquired.

2022-2026 CIP in development

The Town is currently working on the CIP for the five fiscal years 2022 to 2026.  Following is the 2022-2026 CIP, as scheduled for adoption on May 13, 2021:

2022-2026 CIP (for adoption)

The Finance Committee held several CIP workshops in November and December, and the full Council held workshops in the spring of 2021.  Following are the draft CIP and presentations to date:

 2022-26 CIP DRAFT #1 (PDF)

2020-11-04 Manager's CIP Presentation (PDF)

2020-11-23 Engineering Presentation 1 (PDF)

2020-11-30 FD Cardiac Monitors (PDF)

2020-11-30 Engineering Presentation 2 (PDF)

2020-11-30 Landfill Closure Presentation (PDF)

2022-26 CIP DRAFT #2 (PDF)

2020-12-14 EcoDev & Engineering Presentation (PDF)

2022-26 CIP DRAFT #3 (PDF)

2021-02-08 Engineering Presentation (PDF)

2022-26 Manager's Proposed CIP


The Council may adopt the CIP with or without amendment after a public hearing. However, the Council is not prevented from pursuing and funding other projects not included in the CIP, even if those projects are to be funded with debt obligations of the Town.


Copies of the Town’s adopted CIPs are available below. Please note that these documents reflect information available at the time they were prepared, and may not contain all of the projects the Town contemplates funding over the next five years. On June 15, 2020, the Town Council adopted the Capital Improvement Program for the five year period from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2025.

Current CIP (PDF) | Archived CIPs


The CIPs listed are presented for archival purposes only. The CIP is a planning document, and reflects information at the time it was prepared. The Town’s capital improvement needs and plans may have changed, perhaps materially, since these CIPs were prepared. Further, the Town may consider and pursue projects not listed in the CIPs

Projects contemplated by the Town, regardless of whether they are listed in the CIPs, must be formally authorized and funded before they can proceed. Authorization and project funding may come in several different forms. For debt, that authorization is by ordinance, as required by the Charter of the Town of Brunswick. Those seeking more recent or additional information should call the Finance Department at 207-725-6652.