Prevention Division

The Prevention Division of the Brunswick Fire Department works diligently to provide the three "E"s of Fire Prevention.


Fire and life safety education for the public is an essential role for any department. The department prides itself on proactively reaching out to all ages by conducting over 300 classes annually to grades Kindergarten to 3rd. The department also reaches out through site visit requests and special events. The Wednesday of fire prevention week always draws a big crowd during the Department's open house.


The division works closely with architectural designers and engineers to assure safety through plan review for new construction. The department also works with companies to assure product safety and help avoid product recalls.


The Department works in cooperation with other state and local officials to determine and enforce compliance regulations. In addition, our local responsibility for fire investigation brings together an investigation team comprised of local fire investigators and law enforcement officials.

Safety Tip of the Month

Be sure to keep all your exits and walkways from your house clear of snow. They may be needed as a secondary exit in the event of a fire, or for other purposes such as access for Emergency Medical Services during a medical emergency.