Youth Basketball Tournaments

March Youth Basketball Tournaments

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The dates for these tournament are as follows:

3rd and 4th Grade Boys  and Girls : April 1st-2nd

5th and 6th Grade Boys : March 10th-12th

 5th and 6th Grade Girls : March 17th-19th

Annually, during the month of March, the Brunswick Parks and Recreation Department holds Youth Basketball Tournaments which are considered by many as some of the top basketball tournaments in Maine!  We take great pride in providing a tournament that is fun, competitive and well organized. The tournaments are held at the Brunswick Recreation Center, 220 Neptune Drive, Brunswick Landing and are single elimination but guarantee each team plays two games. Entry fee for all tournaments is $190 per team.

The tournaments will be single elimination plus a consolation game, unless a team receives a first round bye. These tournaments are not intended for Regional AAU type teams but instead are intended for teams that participate in Parks and Recreation, YMCA, or Youth Basketball Association programs, teams that gather individuals from a common town or school district, or teams that are organized as a school team or have participated as a school team in the current season.  (Eligibility is at the final discretion of the Brunswick Parks and Recreation Department.  Contact us if you have a question regarding your team’s eligibility.)

If you have any questions about any of our Youth Tournaments, please feel free to contact us at 725-6656 or email





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2023 March Youth Basketball Tournament Registration Form

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3/4 Boys and Girls Tournament 


3rd and 4th Grade Boys Bracket


3rd and 4th Grade Rules

5/6 Boys Boys Tournament


6th Grade Boys Bracket


5th and 6th Grade Rules

 5/6 Girls Tournament 


5th and 6th Grade Girls Bracket


5th and 6th Grade Rules

2023  3-4th Grade Boys Bracket
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