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 New Brunswick Parks & Recreation Families Who Have Never Registered for a Program

If you have never signed up for a program with us in the past you can create an account by Going to our WebTrac and selecting the need a new account link. You will then be prompted to start an account. Your account will be active once complete.

Past or Present Parks and Recreation Department Families

If any member of your family’s household has registered for a program with us you already have an active household account! If you have never taken advantage of the WebTrac Online Registration platform, however, you do not have login credentials attached to your account yet. Please do not create a new household in order to login!  Call us at 207-725-6656 or email and we will assist you with assigning login information to your already existing household account. If you are not sure whether your login credentials have been set up or if you have forgotten your username or password, please reach out to us using the contact information provided above and we will assist you with this as well!