Mare Brook Watershed Plan

The Department of Planning and Development received a watershed planning grant from the State of Maine in 2019. The project began in October 2019. The final report was delivered by the Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District on January 5, 2022.  At the February 7, 2022 Town Council regular meeting, Council voted to adopt the final draft of the Mare Brook Watershed Management Plan. The plan identifies a multitude of stressors that contribute to Mare Brook’s Urban Impaired Stream status including, but not limited to, stormwater runoff from developed land, altered riparian zones, loss of floodplains, temperature increase, altered channels, loss of wetlands, road salt, nutrient (phosphorus and nitrogen) loading, and improperly placed and sized culverts. Additionally, the plan includes a robust implementation program featuring objectives and action items to be completed by the Town in conjunction with a variety of organizations and stakeholders and broken down into three phases of work, the first of which spans years 2022-2026.

For questions pertaining to the Mare Brook watershed planning process please call or email the Director of Planning and Development or the Environmental Planner:

Matt Panfil, AICP CUD, LEED AP BD+C | 207-725-6661 |

Bina Skordas, Environmental Planner | 207-725-6661 |

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Final Draft (Adopted by Town Council):

Mare Brook Watershed Management Plan (Final Draft)

Curious to read more? Check out Conservation Commission Chair, Sandy Stott’s latest writings on Mare Brook in the Press Herald and Times Record:

Please explore the Interactive Mare Brook Watershed Planning Map.

The map will be updated as the planning process moves forward!  If you have questions about the map content, please contact the Department of Planning and Development.

The DRAFT Mare Brook Watershed Management Plan was presented to the public on October 14, 2021.

A recording of this presentation can be found on the Brunswick TV3 webpage here.