The purpose of the Town of Brunswick’s parking ordinances is to discourage people from parking in locations that pose a traffic safety hazard and to encourage turnover in parking spaces.

Not Sure Where to Park?

All-day parking spaces of significant numbers are available at the following locations:

Bank StreetRear Four Rows of Municipal Lot
Cabot StreetMunicipal Lot at the Corner of Cabot Street and Maine Street
Cedar StreetPark-and-Ride Lot
Elm StreetSouth Side
Everett StreetNorth Side
Federal StreetEast Side from Stowe House to Market Lane
Gilman AvenueN/A
Mill StreetSouth Side (Except Two Spaces in Front of Great Impasta)
Noble StreetNorth Side
Potter StreetNorth Side
Union StreetBoth Sides

Cedar Street Park and Ride

Parking Ordinances

The detailed parking ordinances of the Town of Brunswick can be found in Chapter 15 of the Town Code. While the rules listed below are not intended to be a substitute for the town code, if the town code puts you to sleep, following these simple rules will keep you from getting a parking ticket in most instances:

  • Obey the time limits in timed parking zones.
  • Don’t park where there is a yellow-painted curb, "no parking" signs, or pavement painted with yellow or white diagonal stripes.
  • When parallel parking, always park so your passenger side wheels are adjacent to the curb.
  • When using diagonal parking, your front wheels should be the closest to the curb.
  • Don’t park within 20 feet of a crosswalk or intersection.
  • Don’t park within 7 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • Don’t park in a spot marked for those with disabilities unless you or your passenger have been issued a disability placard - and no one (with or without a placard) should park in the access aisle adjacent to a disability parking spot.
  • Don’t park when a parking ban (usually in connection with snow removal) has been declared.
  • Don’t park in an area where parking your car would obstruct a driveway or leave less than 10 feet in the travel lane immediately adjacent to your vehicle.

What to Do if Your Car Has Been Towed

If your car was towed because it was parked in violation of a parking ban or because it was a hazard to traffic, you can contact Brunswick Police Dispatch at 207-725-5521 to find out which towing company has your car. The company will expect to be paid the towing fee of $120 and storage fees ($75 indoor per day or $50 outdoor per day if not picked up by 11 a.m. the first day after being towed). For parking ban snow removal towing the fee is $140.  Your car will probably also have a parking ticket, but it will not have to be paid for prior to the release of the car.

If your car was towed due to a failure to pay parking tickets, the outstanding tickets will need to be paid before the car can be released by the towing company. The towing company will also expect its charges to be paid before the car will be released.

Payment of Parking Tickets

Parking tickets can be paid in person at the Office of the Tax Collector. They can be paid by mail; by enclosing a check for the fine amount along with the ticket and mailing it to:
     Tax Office
     Town of Brunswick
     85 Union Street
     Brunswick, ME 04011

Online payment of tickets is not currently an option, but we are currently investigating it and it may be soon.

The appeal of Parking Tickets

If you question why you received a ticket, you may email Parking Enforcement Officer Holly Warner by email or call 207-721-4350.

If after speaking with Holly Warner, you wish to appeal the ticket, it may be done by using our online parking ticket appeal form or by emailing Sergeant Thomas Stanton, or via phone at 207-721-8384.