Marine Resources

The Town of Brunswick has unique shellfish management program. The Town of Brunswick has over 1,600 acres of intertidal shellfish growing area along its 61 miles of coastline. The town currently licenses 50 commercial shellfish harvesters and many recreational harvesters. License numbers are determined by conducting shellfish inventory surveys every other year. Licensed harvesters are vested into the program and must accumulate conservation hours annually to remain eligible to retain their license the following year.

The Brunswick Marine Resource Committee along with the Marine Resource Officer conduct various enhancement, propagation, protection, and mitigation efforts each year. The Brunswick Marine Resource Committee meets the first Wednesday of each month.

Town of Brunswick Shellfish



From October 1, 2020 to June 302021 It shall be unlawful to harvest shellfish (softshell clams, quahogs, razor clams, American and European oysters) from the coastal waters in the Town of Brunswick, County of Cumberland inside and northwesterly; beginning at a red painted post situated on the Southern Tip of the Margaret ZildJian Property (Tax Map 43) (Lot 14) running northwesterly to a red painted post situated at the Thomas Point Beach wooden stairs, then easterly to the rock . breakwater, following the rock breakwater easterly to a red painted post on the Marion Barrow Property (Tax Map 43 Lot 27)


Copy of the 2019 Town of Brunswick Shellfish Inventory Surveys



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