Town Manager

Welcome to the Town Manager's Webpage

The Town of Brunswick has a Town Council/Town Manager form of government. The Town Council appoints the Town Manager who serves as the chief administrative officer of the Town of Brunswick,  Some of the Town Manager's responsibilities are:

    selects and supervises the department heads of the Town;

    prepares proposed annual budgets and capital improvement programs, and administers them after adoption by the Town Council;

    advises and makes recommendations to the Town Council on future needs, financial or otherwise;

    ensures that ordinances are enforced;

    serves as the chief spokesperson of the Town as authorized by the Town Council.


Communicate with the Town Manager via email.  You may also write or call at the address and telephone number listed on this page.  Please include your name and street address in written communications. 

You may also sign up to receive alerts, notifications, and news from the Town by selected the Notify Me link.  

Maine Street Banners 

The Town Manager may approve the placement of a banner over Maine Street for non-profit groups only, and for a time period of no more than two weeks. For more information call the Town Manager's office at 207-725-6659 or send an email.