Special Events

Memorial Day 2017.1 - CopyIn order for the Town of Brunswick to adequately prepare for special events and ensure that they do not unexpectedly or unduly burden the Town’s citizens or taxpayers, pursuant to Chapter 14, Section 14-200, et seq. The Town has established a procedure for requests to host and/or conduct special events and activities in the Town of Brunswick. The Town recognizes the importance of the rights of free speech and of assembly and this ordinance is intended not to burden such rights, but to provide the Town with notice of events of a significant size to protect the safety of those involved with the event and the public in general.

Note: The Special Event Application also replaced the Mall use application and must be used for any Mall use by a nonprofit, regardless of the use.

What is a Special Event?

A “Special Event” is any event for which attendance is reasonably anticipated to be one hundred (100) or more persons and which:

(a) utilizes or seeks to reserve any town-controlled property, including but not limited to the Mall (both upper and lower), streets, sidewalks, parks, parking areas or buildings; or

(b) is an event held on private property which is reasonably likely to require an increased level of Town services such as emergency response calls for service, trash removal, traffic control, or crowd control?

Examples of Special Events include:

- a political gathering on the Mall

- a road race

- a parade

- a wedding on private property which has an unusual number of cars parked on the public street

How do I apply for a Special Event Permit?

In order to apply for a special event permit, complete the application at the bottom of this page. This application incorporates the former application to use the Mall/Gazebo so no additional request is necessary to use this venue (and it may be used for events expected to be attended by less than 100 people by non-profits that request the use of the Mall/Gazebo). However, the use of facilities controlled by the Brunswick Parks & Recreation Department needs additional approval as they are heavily scheduled.  Please click on the underlined text to download the application to use a Parks and Recreation facility.

When should I apply for my Special Event Permit?

Unless due to the nature of the event, it is impossible to meet these deadlines, all applications shall be made to the Town Clerk at least thirty (30) days prior to an event expected to be attended by one hundred (100) to three hundred (300) people or sixty (60) days prior to an event expected to be attended by over three hundred (300) people. If, due to the nature of the event, it is impossible to meet these deadlines, the application shall be filed as soon as possible. Applications may be filed online 24 hours a day. Failure to meet the applicable filing deadline may result in the denial of a permit if insufficient time remains to adequately address concerns posed by the event.

What happens once I request my permit?

Your completed application will be reviewed by the Town’s department heads. Once their review is complete, the Town Clerk or the Police Chief will get back to you and either request further information or notify you of the decision. The application will be either approved, approved with conditions, or denied.

Conditions of approval may include the implementation of reasonable traffic, public safety, area preparation, or clean-up requirements.  It may also require actions necessary to comply with Town policies or ordinances or to prevent undue burden on Town services. The approving authority may require advance payment of costs the Town expects to incur due to the event; such as planning time, emergency services details, rubbish removal, etc.

What if I don’t get a permit?

If an individual or entity holds an event without having received a permit required under this Ordinance, or having complied with all conditions thereof, the individual or entity is subject to a penalty in the amount of $500 to $5,000 plus all actual costs incurred by the Town in responding to the event, repairing any damage caused by the event, and in prosecuting the violation (including attorney fees and cost of prosecution) or collecting any penalties.

The Special Event Application is below. 

Special Event Application