Town Commons Committee

Regular Meetings

As needed / when scheduled.


  • Jeremy Litchfield, Chair
  • Blaine Moore, Secretary
  • Jym St. Pierre
  • Amy Brewer
  • Mark Fochesato

  • Vacant (Community Member)
  • Vacant (Community Member)
  • Vacant (Community Member)
  • Vacant (Community Member)
  • Vacant (Brunswick High School Student Member)
  • Vacant (Bowdoin Student Member)

Powers and Duties

The Commons Committee is responsible for: 

  1. General implementation of the Sewall Plan management plan (adopted 1967)
  2. Recommending to the Town Council updates to the management plan
  3. Facilitating a formal management plan review every 10 years
  4. Advising the Town Council when events occur that may affect the Commons
  5. With the assistance of Town staff, coordinating volunteer cleanup and maintenance sessions at the Commons as needed
  6. Coordinating stewardship of the Town Commons with the Greater Commons and other adjoining or proximate conserved land

Additional Information

For more details about the board or to obtain information on becoming a member, please contact the Parks & Recreation Facility Manager (Dennis Wilson) at 207-725-6656.