Voter Registration Appeals Board


State Law requires this Board per Title 21-A, Section 103. Board that will hear appeals to the decision of the Registrar of Voters if voter registration is removed from the voter list.


This is a 3-person board appointed by the Council. One member each as nominated by the Democratic and Republican Parties. The Chair is nominated by the Town Clerk


  • Elin Gould, Chair
  • Patricia Riley, Democrat
  • Diana Garcia, Republican

Meeting Schedule:

The Voter Registration Appeals Board meets on an as needed basis.

Committee Responsibilities

Upon a written complaint of a person aggrieved by the decision of the registrar, the Chair shall set a time and place for the Board to hold a hearing. After the hearing, the Board will affirm, modify, or reverse the registrar’s decision.

Committee Staff

Frances Smith, Town Clerk

Annual Reporting

The voter Registration Appeals Board meets with the council on an as needed basis.