Organics Recycling

Organics recycling is the process of breaking down organic material, often food waste, to create compost, energy, and other beneficial by-products. There are a wide range of organics recycling methods, including anaerobic digestion, aerobic composting, and vermicomposting.

In a landfill, food waste and other organics break down in an uncontrolled anaerobic environment, releasing harmful greenhouse gasses directly to the atmosphere. About 30% of household waste in Maine is food waste, which means that organics recycling and following the Food Recovery Hierarchy can have a significant positive impact!

Brunswick recently received a Waste Diversion Grant from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). This grant is partially funding Brunswick’s efforts to double residential food waste recycling from 200 tons to 400 tons per year by August 2023. We are promoting this initiative through public outreach and community-wide education efforts.

Food Recovery Hierarchy

How Can You Help?

Compost at Home

Home composting can be done with ease in your backyard with these basic ingredients: a compost container, food scraps, sunlight, air, water, a shovel for turning the pile, and patience. Learn how using this helpful composting guide from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Subscribe to a Food Waste Collection Service

Garbage to Garden offers weekly residential curbside collection service for food waste. This is a subscription service that currently costs $19/month ($228/year).

Use a Food Waste Drop-Off Site

The town offers two food waste drop-off locations for Brunswick residents to use for free. One is at the Public Works facility at 9 Industry Road and the other is in the parking lot at the Recreation Center at 220 Neptune Drive (Brunswick Landing). These sites are free to use and both are accessible 24/7. Material collected at these sites is brought to an anaerobic digestion facility operated by Exeter Agri-Energy in Exeter, Maine. Did we mention these drop-off sites are FREE?!