The Hiring Process

Basic Application 

The initial application  convey an applicant’s interest and general eligibility. Based on a review of this material, candidates are invited back to take the physical fitness test. Please click the link to our application. Brunswick Police Department Application


The Maine Criminal Justice Academy requires you to take the ALERT test. At Brunswick Police Department, we require you to score at a 50 or above. If you still need to take your ALERT please click the link to schedule it now. Alert Test

Physical Fitness / Ability Test

Law enforcement has physical demands, and employers are keen to ensure their recruits are fit to serve. A fitness test measures a candidate’s overall level of fitness through structured activities that assess strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health. While each agency sets its own minimum requirements, with enough training and determination, anyone can achieve success. Here at Brunswick Police Department we require you to attend our own Physical Fitness Test. We operate using the Cooper Fitness Standards and expect you to achieve 50th percentile in the Push ups, Pull ups, and 1.5 Mile Run. Please see the chart below to determine your minimum standards. Brunswick Police P.A.T Medical Clearance Form


Oral Board

The oral board is a chance for members of the hiring authority to meet and talk with you face to face. Oral interviews serve as a chance to discuss your qualifications and gauge your fit with the agency. During the oral interview, you may be evaluated on your:

  • Communication skills
  • Understanding of and interest in policing as a career
  • Response to questions and scenarios.

Background Investigation

A thorough background check will be conducted to ensure that you do not have any personal or professional issues that would preclude you from police service. Background investigators will review your employment history, character references, academic records, residency history, criminal history, and credit history.

A background investigation typically includes a fingerprint check and interviews with those who know you, including previous employers, school or military personnel, neighbors, and family members.

Psychological Testing

Just as agencies want to ensure you are physically fit for the job, they also want to ensure that you are psychologically stable and mentally fit to handle the job. This evaluation is typically made through written psychological exams and may be supplemented with an interview by a psychologist. Psychological testing serves two functions: to evaluate your character and emotional make-up and to ensure you are well suited to the job from a psychological standpoint.


Many departments use a polygraph test, commonly known as a lie detector test, to verify information submitted throughout the application process.

Medical Exam

This physical exam will evaluate if you are medically fit to meet the physical requirements of the job. Specifically, you should be able to perform the “essential job functions” as listed by the employer.

Final Interview

During this interview you will meet with both the Chief, Commander of Patrol, and Commander of Support Services.