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Sustainable Energy Changes

Increasing the energy efficiency in your home can help decrease greenhouse gas emissions while saving you money. There are several changes you can make to increase your home energy efficiency.

Efficiency Maine offers incentives for energy efficiency upgrades. You can find more information about this program on their website

Efficiency Maine Incentives

Source: Efficiency Maine

Pesticide Use

Brunswick’s Pesticide Ordinance does not allow for the use of most pesticides in the aquifer protection zone, except for those used by households and farms. This Ordinance also does not allow for the use of aerial pesticides beyond those use for public health applications confirmed by the Town of Brunswick or the State of Maine.  

Solar Options

Supporting solar energy can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while also saving you money. This can be done through community solar subscriptions, community solar investments, or rooftop solar installations. 

Community Solar Subscriptions

Community solar subscriptions allows individuals benefit from community solar without owning anything. Through this program, customers will receive kilowatt-hour credits (kWh) on their electricity bill that lower the amount owed to the electricity provider.  

Community Solar Share Purchase

Another way to support community solar is through purchasing a share of a community solar project. While subscriptions have no upfront fees, purchasing a share requires higher upfront costs and long-term commitment. However, customers are eligible for tax credits and renewable energy credits (RECS), unlike subscriptions.

Rooftop Solar 

Installing solar panels on your roof can be a good option if you are a home or property owner. Upfront costs may be higher compared to community solar, but many providers offer payment plans and loans to make solar a more viable option. Rooftop solar also makes you eligible for various tax credits and incentives.

Mainers' Guide to Climate Incentives

Learn more about opportunities for financial support from state and federal programs that can help you to make smart, climate-friendly investments in your home, transportation, business, and more! Source: