How do I register to participate in a recreation program or activity? Can I register online?

Registrations can be processed online via our Webtrac platform, in-person at the Rec Center, or over the phone with a credit card. 

Here is the link to our online registration platform:
Follow the link above to navigate to our WebTrac page. From there you will be able to create your household account. When entering the information, make sure you fill in as much as you can including current School Year grades for any children in the household. Pre-K is recorded in the system as .25 and grade K is .5, all other grades are recorded as whole numbers. For a secondary guardian you will drop down the arrow for additional primary person and click add new member at the bottom. You will also need to add in an emergency contact that is not a guardian by dropping down the arrow for emergency contact and clicking add new contact.

Brunswick Resident Accounts Only: All accounts are automatically created as Non-resident accounts until residency is verified. If you are a Brunswick Resident we will need to verify your residency. You can verify residency by sending over a picture of a document that shows your address here in Brunswick. Prior to processing any registrations, reach out to let us know you have created your account and we will switch over your status so that your family is charged the correct fees.

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